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This page is available in several languages, but the forum is in English and the links point to pages in English.

What is this place?

Welcome to the home page of the online community of Dungeon Master fans. Visit the Forums to discuss anything about the games.

There was a video game released in 1987 for the Atari ST called Dungeon Master. It was a dungeon adventure game, but its mix of atmosphere, simple interface, hidden mechanics and real time nature meant it is still loved today.


The game spread to many other platforms and 4 sequels were released: Chaos Strikes back (using the same original engine), Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep (with an updated engine), an adaptation of the original game for the PC Engine / Turbogafx console named Theron’s Quest and one last game named Dungeon Master Nexus on the Sega Saturn console, this time featuring a real 3D environment.

While FTL Games --the company behind the games-- doesn’t exist anymore, the fan base does, and many exciting projects are still being developed.

The games were original and you can remember it all over again too. Download them, play them, and learn their secrets at the Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia.

Over the years people have been able to hack and decypher the code, leading to many projects to extract data and create new dungeons and graphics. Check the links in the Community part of this page!

Check what the community has created

Clones: Easy to play on modern computers

Clones Fans have created some clone engines of the games, with editors available:

  • CSBwin: A true port of DM and CSB on not just Windows, but Linux, MacOS X and Pocket PC. The project has expanded the engine with advanced features and new expanded dungeons are available, but will of course still play the original dungeons.
  • Return to Chaos: An adaptation of DM and CSB for Windows, though the engine itself is made from scratch and allows high resolution graphics beyond the original DM as well as dungeons much bigger than those DM could originally handle. It also features a full editor with many fun new features to create traditional or completely new feeling dungeons.
  • Dungeon Strikes Back: Another remake of the DM engine for Windows, also allowing high resolution graphics and much larger dungeons than the original. The Lua scripting language is extensively integrated, to allow dungeon designers almost complete freedom in what they are able to create.
  • Dungeon Master Java: A platform independent game inspired by DM, but with some significant differences in gameplay as well as high-resolution graphics. It includes a full graphical editor. Its original author has stopped working on it but others continue to maintain the project. There are separate Dungeon Master Java Forums for this game.

Visit the Clones section for a list of other projects.

Custom Dungeons: fan made new dungeons

Custom Dungeons You have completed the original game and you want more? Try out some the many custom dungeons.

Visit the Custom Dungeons section for a list of other dungeons and read Custom Dungeon Reviews.

Another List of dungeons is available in the forum.

Tools: extract data, create new graphics and dungeons


Visit the Tools section for a list of other projects.